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This is the title of Colin Saunders’s first foray into fiction. The novel is set in the early 1960s, when Colin started his rambling career, on the great ramblers’ excursions out of London. They attracted hundreds – and occasionally more than a thousand – ramblers on special trains into the surrounding countryside, with the result that some leaders had more than a hundred in their party. This was too much for some and occasionally a leader would break away to organise their own less crowded excursions.

The novel describes the extraordinary, and sometimes farcical, adventures of one such breakaway group, and centres around a young woman, the demure and sensible Rosalyn. She’s in love with her neighbour, Eddie, who is grieving for his late wife, Stephanie, who recently died in a road accident. To help him recover, she persuades him to join her on the breakaway excursions, but sadly for her, another young woman, the skittish and voluptuous Tsubrina (the object of attention for many of the men) also falls for Eddie. But he can’t get Stephanie out of his mind, so is impervious to the attentions of both these women and several others who are attracted to him. And there’s a twist at the end…

Those of a nervous disposition should note that the story includes death, violence, nudity, occasional mild swearing and references to sex and alcohol. However, there’s no smoking, no gambling and no drug-taking – sorry!

The title comes from a traditional command (though maybe not used so much these days) to the gentlemen in a party of ramblers to go ahead and allow the ladies to relieve themselves in the bushes, without being disturbed by a person or persons of the opposite gender.

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