The Strollerthon Story

The Strollerthon Story

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This book tells the charming story of the Strollerthon, a wonderful event that over 12 years from 1990 to 2001 raised £4 million for children's charities, including One Small Step (which funded a gait laboratory at Guy's Hospital for children with cerebral palsy) and Save the Children.

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In 1990, Mike Butler of the charity One Small Step had the bright idea of a sponsored 10-mile walk called the London Walkathon to raise money for a special unit at Guy’'s Hospital for children with cerebral palsy.  Nearly 5,000 walkers took part, among them representatives of chocolate manufacturer Cadbury, whose offer to sponsor and rename subsequent events Cadbury's’ Strollerthon was gratefully accepted.  The proceeds were then shared with Save the Children, one of the charities that Cadbury’ supported.

Under the Cadbury’ banner, from 1991 to 1996, and with a new route each year, the number of walkers rose to about 20,000, making it by far the largest charity walk at that time.  From 1998 to 2001 the event became the Save the Children Strollerthon, except in 2000 when as the Millennium Bridge Walk it launched the notorious ‘Wobbly Bridge’!  Over 130,000 walkers took part in the 12 events, raising some £4 million for children’'s charities.

The book describes how the event was conceived, developed and organised and includes reminiscences from those who were involved as well as the names of the many volunteers and celebrities who gave their support.

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