Welcome to Footline Press!

Footline Press was established in 2014 by writer Colin Saunders, initially to publish books about various aspects of walking history. They provide fascinating insights into aspects of life and lifestyles that are often overlooked but have a special place in social history and in the hearts of those who were involved.

Rambling Away From 'The Smoke'

The history of the ramblers’ excursions from London, which during the period 1932 to 2004 introduced thousands of people to healthy exercise in the countryside and provided opportunities to make new friends and find partners for life. Click here for details.

The Waymark Story

The history of Waymark Holidays, a leading operator of activity holidays from 1973 to 2007.  They took thousands of people to special places in Europe and elsewhere to share their love of walking and cross-country skiing in beautiful surroundings.
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The Strollerthon Story - now available!

The history of the Strollerthon, a series of large scale charity walks that took place from 1990 to 2001, raising millions of pounds for children’s charities under a variety of names: the London Walkathon, Cadbury’s Strollerthon, the Save the Children Strollerthon and the Millennium Bridge Walk –- the event that launched the notorious ‘Wobbly Bridge’! Click here for details.

Other books by Colin Saunders

Colin has written other books and articles that have been published elsewhere, including guides to the Capital Ring, the London Loop, the North Downs Way, the Vanguard Way and the High Tatras mountains in Poland and Slovakia.  Click here for details.